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TEMPLATE: default, STYLE: magazine, NICHE: mixed

TEMPLATE: default, STYLE: searchengine, NICHE: musics

TEMPLATE: responsive, NICHE: musics

TEMPLATE: default, STYLE: magazine, NICHE: movies



  • Python 2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+
  • PHP 5.3 or greater (Not tested on PHP 7)
  • Apache/Nginx/Litespeed mod_rewrite module
  • 100 MB disk space on server
  • YouTube API key (free from google)
  • Windows or Linux server (optional)
  • Execute support (optional)


Key features:

  • Multi Sources, Soundcloud, Youtube, Songlyrics, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Movie, TV Show, Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn.
  • Niche choice feature (mixed, musics, adults, movies)
  • Download video Youtube on every download page from Soundcloud and Songlyrics.
  • Download HD, ultra HD and 3D videos from YouTube
  • Supported video formats are: MP4, 3GP, FLV, WEBM
  • Support all YouTube videos including VEVO or other encrypted video.
  • HTML5 Music player support on all Gadget
  • and The great feature when your Youtube API got limit, we will use an alternatif to search the videos.

Technical features:

  • It does not store any video audio files on server. It’s 100% instant process. So, you just need 30MB disk on server
  • Works on any server (Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated, localhost, etc…)
  • No database required

User Interface features:

  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Instant search results on typing in search bar
  • Support all major browsers
  • One click to play video and music
  • Related video searches
  • Random recent download on Homepage
  • Recent search on search page
  • Recent download on each related download page
  • Related videos

SEO features:

  • Dynamic search engine
  • Dynamic meta Title and Description so no more duplicate metatag.
  • Easy to change the permalink as you want.
  • Open Graph tags

Other features:

  • Ready made Contact form, DMCA and Privacy pages

Change Log:

v.2.2.0 – Nov 05, 2017

+ Adding registering domain system on this script, so the config files for unregistered domain won't be created.
+ Auto create .htaccess per domain when your build many site with one installer (Layering) (Apache Only)
# Fixed Soundcloud search.

v.2.1.9 – July 30, 2017

# Fixed adults categories menu
# Fixed soundcloud download

v.2.1.8 – July 22, 2017

+ Added themoviedb source (Movie and TV Show)
+ Niche choice feature (mixed, musics, adults, movies)
+ Added a simple template for musics niche only.
+ Supporting build bulk sites within one server, and can be made with different niche, different templates, and different url permalink

v.2.1.2 – June 07, 2017

# Fixed some bug
# Change youtube alternatif without API 
# Auto support SSL when you use cloudflare SSL: Flexible (if you want to use full SSL, simply edit on .htaccess file)

v.2.1.1 – Mar 08, 2017

# Fixed some bug
# Fixed stop creating recent search keyword not on the file 
# update .htaccess to redirect old permalink to new, only uncomment the code

v.2.1.0 – Mar 03, 2017

+ Added 2 sources Dailymotion and Vimeo.
+ Added Mp3 download for Youtube on Youtube, Soundcloud, 4shared, Songlyrics and Azlyrics section
+ Added new feature, permalink changer
# Improve seo for google index
# Improve keyword injection sitemap for all sources

v.2.0.9 – Feb 20, 2017

# Split recent search and latest download sitemap for each source

v.2.0.8 – Feb 20, 2017

# Improve features youtube without API

v.2.0.7 – Feb 14, 2017

# Improve download.php file to make it work for all sources.

v.2.0.6 – Feb 10, 2017

# Improve the keyword filter and add filter on download page.

v.2.0.5 – Feb 05, 2017

# Fix jplayer on firefox and opera

v.2.0.4 – Dec 24, 2016

# updated soundcloud source api
# updated 4shared source
# added html5 player on soundcloud search result
# fixed slow loading on youtube download page

v.2.0.3 – Dec 15, 2016

# updated sitemap for htmlentities

v.2.0.2 – Dec 10, 2016

# updated auto generate sitemap using your own keyword update to 1000 keywords, can be added on .myKeywords file
+ added new lyric source from songlyrics.com
+ added new face style (search engine style) 
+ added Nginx configuration file

v.2.0.1 – Dec 5, 2016

+ added auto generate sitemap from recent search and recent download
# changed recent lyrics with Soundcloud Top Chart - random all genres on homepage
# changed Top song and Top video with Youtube Playlist so your site never same with the others


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